When people think of driving school, they think of teenagers who are just starting to drive.  Although driving school is vitally important for new drivers, it can also be very helpful for other drivers as well. Information can be found here

Insurance Rates 

Although Arizona does not allow you to get points removed from your driver’s license by taking classes, you may be able to reduce your insurance payments by taking classes at a driving school.  State Farm Insurance, for example, offers discounts to any policyholder who takes an accredited defensive driving class. See here for information about Things to Consider When Thinking About Driving School.


Depending on your insurance company and your driving record, you may be able to get a decent discount.  Most driving schools will provide you with a certificate to take to your insurance company to prove that you have passed the class.

Personal Satisfaction

Even if you don’t care about getting an insurance discount, you may want to take a refresher driving course for your own personal satisfaction.  

Many times after a driver is involved in an accident they may lose their confidence behind the wheel.  Other cars become things to be feared.  Driving scared is not a good idea.  If you take a defensive driving class from an accredited driving school you can feel better about driving again. 

During your classes, you will be able to get into a car that has an additional set of brakes and steering wheel so that you don’t have to be afraid anymore.  You know that if you miss something, the experienced trainer will be able to protect you and you will gradually feel more confident.


Particularly if you’ve had your driver’s license for over 20 years or more, you can be sure that some driving laws have changed.  They may be small changes in the law, but they can result in a traffic ticket.  

Some people can just read the latest driver’s manual from the Motor Vehicle Department and feel like they are doing fine.  But sometimes it’s just easier to go to a classroom with a trained instructor and learn about any changes in Arizona driving laws.  

Senior Drivers

As your parents age, they may become unsafe drivers.  They may not even be aware of the dangerous things they are doing.  But when you ride with them in the car you want to scream.

Many people are worried that their elderly loved ones may hurt themselves in an accident, or worse yet, hurt someone else.  But we all know it’s hard to have that conversation.

At a driving school, you can sign up for a one-on-one evaluation where a trained instructor will evaluate the driving skills of your loved one.  When the information comes from someone else, the senior driver may listen.  Then the driving school will offer classes to help the senior driver improve any areas where there are deficiencies.  

The senior driver may need behind-the-wheel instruction, or they may need to spend some time in the classroom.  Either way, it may keep you from having to take away their independence for a little while longer and let you feel like they are safer on the road.