People don’t realize just how complicated driving actually is.  It seems easy to us because most of us have been driving since we were 16 years old.  But the first time a person gets behind that steering wheel, it can be overwhelming.  This is just one of the reasons we all need driving school. Learn information about Phoenix, AZ.


The driver has to be aware of every car around them.  They have to think ahead to make sure they are in the correct lane if they want to make a turn in a few minutes.  They have to remember to put on their signal.  They have to judge how fast a car is coming so that they don’t pull out in front of them.  They have to ignore their cell phone when it keeps ringing. Discover facts about Why Should You Go to Driving School.


If the driver is already nervous, that just adds to the number of details they have to think about all at once.  Are they driving over the speed limit?  Is that car behind me following too closely if I need to stop?  Is that other car trying to merge onto the highway or are they getting off the highway?


One of the best things a driving school can give you is confidence behind the wheel.  It might seem like a little thing – whether or not you feel confident.  But in truth, having confidence in your driving skills can help prevent accidents.  If you are scared of driving and something out of the ordinary happens, you might freeze up and cause an accident.

Learning from a professionally-trained and experienced teacher at a driving school can do wonders for your confidence in your driving skills.  When you have met all kinds of different situations in your training, you’ll be able to maintain control when another driver does something stupid.  And you can count on that – they will do something stupid.


According to a study done at the University of Nebraska, graduating from an accredited driving school can help keep you out of an accident.  

People who didn’t go to driving school are 24% more likely to be involved in a serious accident and 75% more likely to receive a traffic ticket.

A study by the CDC found the same statistics. Graduating from driving school classes keeps you safer.   


It might seem like a silly thing, but a driving instructor at a driving school will also teach you etiquette.  Many things that happen on the road are not written into law – they are just good manners.  Other drivers might get angry and start showing signs of road rage and try to run you off the road if they feel you have disrespected their time.

Having good manners while driving is the same as avoiding distracted driving.  If you are sitting at the stoplight reading your email and the light changes and you sit there and sit there, you are making the drivers around you feel angry.  Likewise, don’t be trying to juggle eating a taco and changing lanes at the same time.  

These are a few of the things driving school can teach you.