Driving lessons are an essential requirement for one to get a driving license since it gives you the proper knowledge on how to operate a car (automatic or manual) and the road safety measures so as not to be a menace on the roads. Driving lessons put you in a better condition to be a good and safe driver on the roads, preventing you from getting involved in costly road accidents. It, therefore, becomes vital to understand what to expect in your first driving lesson to make you more prepared to start and complete the rigorous training process. The things you need to know to include the following?

Driving the car

Among the questions that most people ask is whether you will be able to drive the car on the first day of the lesson. The answer is yes; ideally, the best way to get you to learn everything is by putting you behind the wheel and on the road. The driving gets done under thorough supervision by a skilled instructor who ensures that your safety isn’t compromised as you drive for the first time. Giving you a feel of actual driving enables you to have a clear goal of being perfect at driving and doing it by yourself without any supervision from a professional.

Meeting the instructors

On the first day of the driving lessons, all your paperwork gets checked to ascertain everything is in the order you get introduced to your instructors. The skilled and professional instructors hand holds you throughout the process, ensuring that you master the paper resources and the practical skills to make you a good driver. Also, the instructors ensure your safety at all times, impacting you with the knowledge and skills to handle the different road scenarios you can get exposed to such as emergency stops. You need not panic while on the road since you are assured of being in safe hands at all times, giving the right advice and guidance to make your driving experience perfect.

Understanding the car parts and functions

The instructors make you understand the different car parts and controls to give you a perfect understanding of how the car works. You will look at things like the cockpit drill, such as thing to do before starting the car engine. Additionally, you learn how to make the vehicle move and stop without any challenges, making the first day very exciting. In most cases, you might stall when you start driving, which is a normal thing you shouldn’t worry about. The dual control system enables the instructor to take over any challenges. The proper guidance and assistance by the instructors put you in a perfect position to drive confidently without any worries knowing that you are in safe hands at all times.

Provision of learning to drive handbook

The learning to drive handbook guides the various lessons you will undertake to complete the driving course. The handbook guides you accordingly, and you will have it throughout your lessons to help you track your progress. Also, the book contains all you need to know about the course and the timelines to completion, making you well-prepared for the various classes without missing or being late.


The first day of a driving lesson is critical as it sets the ground rolling towards the final step, where you receive a driving license. Understanding everything that happens on the first day is vital to have a proper flow of lessons and processes throughout the course. Also, you get to meet your instructors and understand what they do and how best they will assist you.