Failing your driving test is a huge blow, given the time and dedication you have put into getting your driving license. The driving lessons aim to give you the knowledge and skill to be a good and safe driver on the road hence its rigorous nature. Numerous issues lead to you failing your driving test, including being nervous and making basic errors you had not made before. The various faults that most people end up making include the following:

Junctions – observation 

Junctions constitute a significant challenge and are known to be a massive fault in most driving tests, making it hard for one to get a driving license. During the driving test, the examiner keeps a close eye on how you handle junctions while demonstrating critical observation skills. The important thing to master how to handle junctions is to give yourself time, mentally understand what you need to do at junctions, and then commence in good time to avoid making any mistakes. Some of the junction mistakes that the examiners pay keen attention to include looking in one direction while emerging from a junction, improper forward creeping for proper observations, and coming up when traffic is too fast or close. The junction Minin faults could cost you a great deal even if you are a good driver, having excelled in other areas.

Mirrors- change direction

When changing directions, it is essential to check your mirrors so as not to get in the way of another vehicle and lead to an accident. Failure to check your mirrors when changing directions is among the significant faults that people make, leading to them failing their driving tests. The various mirror issues that your examiner will focus on include not checking your mirror before making either a left or right turn, before changing lanes on a highway, and also before overtaking. One of the best ways to avoid making the mirror mistake is to concentrate on mirror checking for the first five minutes of the test till your nerves are settled, and this works perfectly to make it a habit.


The steering wheel enables you to give the vehicle direction; hence it is essential to master how it operates. Controlling a car with the correct steering action is among the first things you learn during driving lessons, and your examiner pays keen attention to this. Some things that the instructor takes note of include how you position your hands on the steering wheel and gear stick and how you control it through turns and maneuvers. Additionally, there are bad habits that the examiner keeps an eye out for, such as letting the steering wheel spin back by itself after making a turn.

Move off-safely

The ability to move off safely is a critical one since it helps to protect you and other road users, making it a vital factor for the examiner to take note of. One of the things you get taught when learning how to drive is pulling out a car from the parking space, which is one of the basics that you might need help remembering during your driving test. Properly pulling out the car makes it easy to drive the car; hence it is a significant factor that the examiner must ensure that you have mastered.


Driving lessons aim to give you the proper knowledge to make you safe and make other road users safe. Preparing yourself or your teen for driving school will always help. The examiners keep a keen eye on the various mistakes people make while driving to ensure that you pass the test as a qualified driver.