This will be a 4 hour class held outside our facility. Students bring their own car or can use our car. We will teach one-on-one how to maintain and service your car.

What are covered?


We are using our KIA SOUL  to demonstrate:

Starting procedures:


  1. check before you drive – driver license – proof of insurance – registration –
  2. walk around the car to look at the tires – check for deflated/bald tires –
  3. execute visual control of gas tank gauge Рexplain 1/4 1/2 3/4 or full
  4. execute visual appearance of gear shifter Рhand shifter on the steering wheel Рhand shifter on the floor Рmanual transmission shifter
  5. execute visual appearance of signal, hazard lights, headlights on/off, E-brake release on/off РControl panel items
  6. demonstrate windshield wiper functionality
  7. demonstrate steering wheel position – adjust the height of the steering column

Tools & Safety Equipment


  1. pointing out the¬†location and explain the most important MUST TO HAVE essential tools – Jack – Wrench – Gloves – Warning Triangle – Inflated full spare tire – Fire extinguisher¬†–
  2. demonstrate the use of a tire pressure gauge – explain tire pressure measurements and requirements – talk about 35 PSI – pressure per inch

Execute Tire Exchange

Goals :

  1. being able to exchange a tire by using the tool essentials

Emergency procedures

Goals :

  1. being prepared to make the proper decision in the case of an accident or emergency Рcalling 911 Рhaving accident report forms on hand Рpen Рpaper Рdisposable camera Рget witness contact info Рdraw a sketch of the scene Рthe importance of having a roadside assistance membership



  1. execute quality check of oil – use of dipstick – towel – the¬†color¬†of oil – the¬†level¬†of oil based on marks on dipstick –
  2. explain window sticker for oil changes and the requirements for a 3,000 / 5,000 or 10,000-mile exchange
  3. explain the different oil qualities Рsynthetic & standard
  4. execute fluid control – windshield washer fluid & break fluid
  5. execute visual appearance of maintenance light – explain the function in case light is coming up – service engine soon – maintenance required


We are using the student’s car to demonstrate:



  1. a quick review of all steps from session 1 applied to the own car



  1. discover findings from session 1 in your car
  2. apply and execute



  1. discover key entries and key start-up functions
  2. discover keyless entries and engine start buttons



  1. discover your car – length & width –
  2. learn and discover where your front bumper is by going as close as you can to touch the cone
  3. learn and discover where your back bumper is by going as close as you can to touch the cone
  4. learn and discover how far your side mirrors sticking out – drive your car through a narrow preset area with cones & sticks without touching it with your mirrors
  5. learn how to parallel park your car
  6. learn how to perpendicular park your car