Learning how to drive is all teen’s dreams, and it is essential to ensure they are well prepared for the driving experience. Being still under parental care, the main goal of driving is to ensure that they become safe and cautious drivers without supervision. Teenagers have been known to be reckless and speed-hungry, which in most cases end up in accidents that would have been avoided with proper guidance and driving preparation. GoSwerve has allowed teenagers to prepare for driving practice and permits through various beneficial programs.

There are several ways of preparing your teenager for driving school, including teen driving programs focusing on safety issues, such as understanding the dangers of driving while distracted. Also, you get to learn how to operate a vehicle properly with a proper understanding of the state’s traffic laws. By the end of the program, your teenage son or daughter will have the knowledge and understanding that will keep them safe on the roads at all times. This makes you comfortable and stress-free, leaving them to drive without supervision.

Understanding what to expect

Before you take your teenager to a driving school, you must first let them know what it entails to have them mentally prepared for the process. What to expect from their first lesson? First, the teenager should be at least fifteen years old, and the driving process has thirty-four hours of classroom instructions that the teenager is expected to attend without fail. Once they finish the classes and now have a permit, there are five one-hour sessions of practical driving behind the wheel to put into practice all that they have learned all through.

Additionally, your teenager will have one hour to observe how a fellow teenager drives, which improves their self-esteem on the roads and help them drive safely without any pressure. It doesn’t stop there; there is a four hours simulation done over a zoom meeting where they learn how to deal with conditions such as road construction and bad road conditions. Within the first 120 days, the New Driver Training course must be completed, and your teen will acquire two different practice drives by the end of the last class. Your teen must ensure that they complete all the classes without missing them or being late for any, as it might jeopardize their chances of completing them successfully.

The process of getting a permit and a driving license

The completion of the driving lessons gets acknowledged through your teenager’s acquisition of a driving permit. The permit allows you to drive on the roads per state laws. The option of applying for it early, immediately after enrolling in the course, gives them a WDL number that must be provided to the driving school. Your teenager has the option of making the application online or in person. For those that choose the online option, the permit gets mailed to you, and then you print it, whereas those that apply in person receive the permit simultaneously. Your teenager must have the permit for six months before getting a driver’s license after passing the New Driver Training course. Also, your teen must have driven for at least fifty hours, ten of which must be done at night.


The journey to having safe and cautious drivers starts in the initial stages of preparing your teens for driving. With proper preparation, your teens get to know what is expected of them, guiding them accordingly throughout the course. Also, your teens can continue learning by taking additional defensive driving classes to improve their skills, having passed all the necessary lessons and met the requirements for owning a driver’s license.