Driving School in San Tan Valley, Arizona

In the heart of the scenic San Tan Valley, Arizona, Go and Drive has established itself as a beacon of excellence in driver training. With a track record of over 10,000 successful drivers obtaining their licenses, our driving school has become a driving force in the community. We credit our remarkable success to our straightforward yet highly effective driver training strategies that continue to attract aspiring drivers.

Committed Certified Instructors

At Go and Drive, we understand that the safety of our students is paramount. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that our instructors are the best in the business. Our rigorous selection process includes thorough background checks to ensure that only trainers with impeccable driving records and no criminal history are hired. This stringent approach minimizes any potential risks for our predominantly teenage student demographic.

Trusted Evaluation Center for Driving Lessons

Go and Drive is officially authorized by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) to conduct the final evaluations necessary for acquiring a driver’s license. This means you can skip the often lengthy queues at the MVD, saving valuable time and streamlining your path to becoming a licensed driver.

In-Car and Classroom Training available. We offer MVD Road Test Waiver Packages.
Built-In GPS Monitoring

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Affordable Driving Class Bundles

We believe that quality driver training should be accessible to all. Go and Drive offers competitive pricing and cost-effective bundles that cater to a variety of budgets. For those seeking the best value, our Green Light and Extra Mile packages are designed to provide the most comprehensive training at the best price.

Convenient Online Booking

In addition to our affordable pricing, we offer the convenience of online payment and scheduling. You can book your driving classes at your preferred times and according to your own schedule, putting you in control of your learning journey.

Go and Drive Driving School Serves the Maricopa County Arizona Area

Maricopa County residents can benefit from the expertise of Go and Drive Driving School instructors.

Here are details on some of these areas served by Go and Drive Driving School:

Contact Go and Drive Driving School for Driving Lessons in Tempe AZ

Go and Drive Driving School serves the Tempe Arizona area. To get started with driving lessons, call us at (480) 802-0000 or contact us.

In San Tan Valley, Arizona, Go and Drive is more than just a driving school; it’s a trusted partner on your path to becoming a skilled, confident driver. Our commitment to safety, excellence, and affordability sets us apart. With a team of certified instructors, a strong focus on health and safety, and the convenience of online booking, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible driver training experience. Choose Go and Drive for a journey toward becoming a safe and responsible driver, all within the scenic landscapes of the San Tan Valley.