With full accreditation by the Arizona Department of Transportation and the MVD, Go and Drive Driving School can help you get your Instructional Permit and WAIVE the MVD Written Test.

Our program is an easy and convenient way to prepare new drivers looking to get out on the road safely. We have partnered with the MVD to create this course providing in-depth information in an online and classroom format that will allow users to bypass the written test required to receive an Instructional Permit.

  • Consists of 24-hour online study and 6-hour classroom session
  • Will WAIVE your MVD Instructional Permit Exam, all testing is done with us in a comfortable and relaxed environment
  • State Approved and available for anyone over 15 ½
  • Provides an easy and convenient way to obtain your Instructional Permit without taking the MVD written test.
  • Allows you to obtain your Arizona Instructional Permit at your own pace, with simple-to-use and easy-to-understand material in a user-friendly format.